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Perception becomes crucial in Rennes’ grey paintings, because with up to two hundred layers of paint, the object of the painting can hardly be perceived at all. The spectators must exert themselves to discover the ‘motif’ of the work. Things begin to emerge from the greyness, and suddenly the work is totally different. Rennes has altered our perception and remarked upon the magic of art. How something which initially appears to be one thing, ultimately turns out to be something totally different. Art is slow magic.
Juha-Heikki Tihinen, art historian (PhD), art critic (AICA)

All Things Shining is a series of paintings of different sizes. Paintings consist of hundreds and hundreds of thin layers of colour. The paintings were started some five years ago. The thin transparent layers create an intriguing illusion of atmospheric colours.


The paintings are quite subtile in their expression and very difficult to reproduce in a photography. The nuances created by the layers cannot be seen in a photo.


Some of these paintings reveal the structure of the paining, the layers are shown and tell the ’history’ of the painting itself.

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