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Andromeda (installation, video, 2011) is made of self-portraits of men, posted by themselves on the internet. However as they took the photos standing in front of a mirror, the flashlight hide their faces, the most evident and common marker of one's identification. This paradoxical situation can be seen as ironical or tragic, depending on your actual state of mind or predisposition.  Rennes' subject of inquiry is the individual here, the identification trough action the body, gender, sex, through belonging to a particular part of the universe. In the video the images follow each other in fierce tempo composing a strange dance of halos and bodies.Do you gain or loose your identity in a community like the ones in the digital reality of the internet- in this constellation of flashlight stars? Are you visible or lost in Andromeda, the word that means among other "mindful of men" or "ruling over men".

Konstepidemin 2011

De Garage, Mechelen Belgium 2012

Madatac, Reina Sofia, Madrid 2012

The Embassy of Finland in Madrid 2012

Galleria Hippolyte 2016

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